The osteopathic medical profession is moving forward.

Changes to certification policies, national health care policies, and AOA
policies are headed our way in the near future. With mandatory
deadlines, penalties for non-participation, and a lot of
preparatory work, you may be asking yourself -

We're not there yet, but don't worry

The AOA is here to help you navigate your way through all of the changes taking
place before May 31, 2013. Are We There Yet? is a campaign by the AOA that will
help familiarize you with these changes.

Along the way, you'll learn about how these important changes are helping to foster
quality improvement and advance the osteopathic medical profession, while being
provided with all the necessary tools and resources
to ensure that you and your practice are ready. And
by participating in each leg of the trip, you will earn
multiple chances to win great prizes.

So, pack your bags, join your osteopathic
family for the road trip, and rest assured that
we are all in this together.

The three components of the Are We There Yet? road trip:

Change to Continuing Medical Education (CME) Reporting Guidelines

Change to AOA Board Certification

Change to Physician Quality Reporting System